My Radio Interview on Communication on the Brian Crombie Show

Learning how to communicate effectively will help you become the successful candidate for your ideal job, shine in your workplace and land clients if you are a small business owner. Listen below to the replay of my interview with Brian Crombie on The Brian Crombie Hour on Sauga 960 A.M. We discuss the topic of communication. The highlights include:
– My journey from an introverted University of Toronto student to becoming a Certified Coach helping people become effective communicators.
– Obstacles that prevent people from becoming effective communicators.
– Strategies on how to become a more effective communicator.

Regardless of your professional background, there are always important skills that you have developed that you can use in your current work or use in a future career or business.

Throughout my career, whether it was working at the Toronto Star, in marketing communications, in the public service or in the non-profit sector, I developed valuable skills-sets. The skills developed are ones that I use in my work as a coach, writer, workshop facilitator and speaker. Anyone with hard work can learn a skill that they are interested in developing.

You can listen to the interview here.

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