Deborah is a highly effective leader who is one of the most inspiring and dedicated people I have had the pleasure to work with. She continually displays amazing leadership abilities as she assesses what is needed in order to empower others and then quietly works diligently to ensure the team’s goals are met. I would not hesitate for an instant to hire Deborah as a public speaker and as a leader!

Dr. Joan Forder, PhD – Curriculum Renewal, Planning and Implementation Specialist
College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan

Wow wee! What a fabulous, passionate speaker you are!

Nina Spencer
One of Canada’s top motivational speakers, author of the national bestseller
Getting Passion Out of Your Profession, and professional speaker coach

Deborah is an excellent communicator! I have listened to her keynote presentations several times and she is simply inspiring! She can illustrate effectively the skills of an outstanding speaker. In addition to keynote presentations, Deborah conducts workshops on how to provide effective feedback and how to hone your public speaking skills. Thanks to the skills I learned from her, I am now successfully competing in public speaking contests. I had the privilege to work under Deborah’s leadership while she was President of the Keynote Speakers Club.

Ileana Spilca, Former President – Keynote Speakers Advanced Toastmasters Club

I have known and worked with Deborah for over 10 years. In that time I have come to experience her advanced skills as an innovator, leader and communicator. Deborah exhibits special people skills and is always prepared to take on advanced responsibilities. It is my honour to endorse any effort of Deborah’s.

Marvin Greenberg – Management Consultant to the Hospitality Industry, Trainer and Keynote Speaker

Deborah inspired our students to envision and strive for success, and provided a framework for effective public speaking and business presentation skills.

Cinthia Lin, Rotman Commerce Toastmasters

Your presentation was educational, inspiring and motivating. Your words of encouragement also inspired us to continue to achieve our goal of becoming better and confident communicators and leaders. It was a pleasure hearing you speak!

Richard Tyrell – VP of Membership Simcoe Speakers Toastmasters Club # 2147

Your event management skills are superb…Your team delivered above expectations…The results of your combined efforts and creativity made me proud to participate. Congratulations!

Roman Smolak, IT professional Part of Deborah’s team for a speaker series organized at the National Job Fair at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre