Work with Me

Yes, Deborah I want to Work With You!

Do you want to:

  1. Feel more powerful, more confident and raise the bar on your individual performance?
  2. Communicate with clarity, credibility, and authenticity?
  3. Improve individual and organizational effectiveness?
  4. Maximize opportunities for success in your personal, professional and business life?
  5. Communicate your value so that you can have a greater and more authentic impact in the world?
  6. Master the skills to become the communicator and leader that you KNOW that you are destined to be?

If a resounding YES emerges from you in response to these questions, know that I am excited to work with you to begin the process of your transformation. Consciously acknowledging that you deserve success is the first step in committing to your transformation. The next steps are formulating a plan and taking action towards your goals and dreams.

I believe that greatness lies within every individual. My professional loyalty will always align with the greatness that resides within you (and your organization).

Results Oriented

As my client, you will have a professional committed to obtaining results for you. As an expert, I have the education, experience, and expertise to leverage to produce results for you and your organization. As a client, we will establish a foundation for your success. My process is transparent, has clearly defined goals, and is outcome / results oriented. I ensure our work together is results driven in order to help you achieve clearly defined goals and leverage available resources.

Transformational shift

As an expert dedicated to the results and success of my clients, I’m committed to initiating a major transformational shift to help them achieve that success. My signature transformational process enables clients to adopt new perspectives, valuing their worth as communicators and leaders. You will be guided to reveal or excavate your innate brilliance as a communicator and leader. This shift stops you (or members of your organization) from being the best kept secret in town and empowers them to step forward into their greatness to improve their individual and organizational results.

Creative solutions to increase productivity

Working with me will allow you to gain new insights that can translate into immediate action and results. The call to transform into your highest self will always be stronger than the call to remain stagnant within the status quo. Working with me will allow you to gain creative insights and solutions that you can apply. Insights that can catapult you to the next phase of your personal, professional and business life.

Ways to Work with Me

There are several ways that you and your organization can work with me. Throughout the year, I also launch new products, services, and events.

  1. Professional Speaking Services. Do you require a professional, inspirational and dynamic speaker for your event? A speaker who can deliver substantive content and has the platform skills to deliver from the stage for your audience? Contact me today to book me for your next conference, keynote speaking opportunity, or training event.
  2. Attend a Public Training Event. Throughout the year, I produce several public training workshops, seminars, and special events. I conduct workshops on a variety of topics. These topics include: leadership, business, communication and presentation skills, and personal development.
  3. Customized Training for Your Organization. For organizations I can customize workshops and seminars that will help to improve productivity and effectiveness for your employees. I would be pleased to discuss with you how my training seminars can produce results for your organization.
  4. Group Communication and Presentation Skills Coaching As a coach, I offer group communication and presentation skills coaching throughout the year. Effective communication skills are vital to your professional and business success! If a team or a department within your organization requires group communication and presentation skills coaching, please contact me for further information.
  5. Individual Communications and Presentation Skills Coaching As a coach, I’m available for individual communication and presentation skills consults and coaching. As your coach, accelerate your success today and let me be your accountability partner.
  6. Presentation development and speech writing consultant. As a Distinguished Toastmaster and experienced professional I’ve designed, written, and delivered numerous presentations, speeches, and workshops. If you require presentation design or speech writing services, I can be of assistance. Let me help you design, write and deliver that excellent presentation, speech or workshop. One that epitomizes excellence. One that will get you noticed. One that will get the results you require.
  7. Consulting Services. Contact me today so that we discuss your organizational needs and how I can help you with a consulting project.