Tip: Visualize Presenting Your Speech

Before presenting in front of any audience preparing and rehearsing well in advance will help make your speech a success. Part of the preparation is the mental preparation. Visualization can help you to believe that you can deliver an excellent speech.

Visualization is the process where in your mind you see yourself going through the steps of delivering a successful presentation. In order to visualize effectively, make the images or pictures within your mind as vivid as possible. In your visualization, see yourself confident with good posture and smiling. Visualize yourself as poised, your body relaxed with smooth, flowing gestures.

Visualize yourself making effective eye contact with the audience. See yourself mastering the material so well that you don’t need notes. Visualize the success you’ll achieve as the words flow effortlessly from your lips. In your mind, hear the applause as your message resonates with the audience. Envision yourself enjoying every minute of your presentation.

When you feel mentally prepared and have rehearsed several times, you will feel encouraged to share your message with enthusiasm and passion. When you feel prepared, you’ll feel ready to perform and exude confidence. When you’re prepared, your body language will demonstrate confidence that you are a professional in control. To prepare properly, remember to rehearse and obtain as much feedback as you can. Believe that you will deliver a successful presentation and visualize that success. It will make a big difference when you are in front of an audience.

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